Work in construction? Have you laid the foundations for Contech?

Posted: 10/12/2020

In a world full of jargon, it feels like industries got their heads around Fintech, MedTech and even RegTech, but what about Contech?

It’s the latest word to add to your ‘changing world armoury’ as technology transforms traditional ways of working for the construction industry.

When Digital Jersey commissioned Geek Talent to take a deep dive into the island’s industries and their respective workforces, we knew they’d uncover the opportunities available, but the sector-by-sector breakdown helps us all understand the ways businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs can grasp the moment and steal a march on their competitors.

When it comes to construction, Business Information Modelling (or BIM) is where it’s at. The ability to create a digital twin of a project before setting out on any physical work is offering a seismic shift in the way work can be carried out.

More efficient, more productive, more creative, and a smart way to manage risks in a digital environment before carrying them out in the real world.

The shift to off-site construction, aided by technology to maximise use of prefabrication and modularisation, aided by 3D printing is cutting down on waste and downtime.

Add to that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles – or drones to you and me – for surveys and other data capture, robotics for repetitive tasks including bricklaying, and the emergence of new building materials such as self-healing concrete, and you can see how an industry steeped in traditional skills and crafts is also embracing change and possibility.

And, as with almost every sector, the ability to overlay technology around planning of staffing, payroll, stock control and the like is embedding a level of automation without people even realising.

It all goes back to working smarter, not harder, and Contech is a perfect example of how building on technological advances can create a tangible advantage.

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