XRM makes AI accessible for all businesses with innovative new offering

Posted: 11/07/2023

XRM, a leading software consultancy firm specialising in Power Platform and Dynamics solutions, has launched a brand new suite of AI-driven services and systems aimed at helping businesses work smarter and more efficiently.

The new offering covers AI consulting and integration, custom AI solutions, Natural Language Processing services, computer vision services, data science and analytics, machine learning services, AI-driven automation, AI training and support and AI ethics and compliance.
With AI adoption more than doubling since 2017 and the global AI market anticipated to reach $407 billion by 2027, XRM believes AI provides unlimited opportunities for businesses sector-wide
to improve their operations and get ahead.

Simon Jackson, CEO of XRM, said: “AI has the potential to revolutionise the way we all do business now, and for many years to come. While many companies may be interested in leveraging AI, they may not have the resources or insight to understand its potential and how it can be applied to their working environment.
“Our new range of AI-driven services and systems are designed to help businesses benefit from AI and get ahead of the curve sooner rather than later.”

In addition to developing its new range of AI services and systems, XRM has integrated AI into its existing software solutions in a bid to provide its clients with smarter and more efficient solutions across the board.

“We have a strong background in Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform, and integrating
AI with these existing internal systems was naturally the next step for us,”  explains, Isaac Hart, Lead AI Consultant at XRM.
“With our custom AI solutions, we can provide services that meet the unique context and needs of businesses. For example, our services range from AI consulting, where we help businesses understand and implement AI in a way that suits their needs, to AI integration, where we combine AI services with existing systems. The future is undoubtedly AI, and our new offering is just the start.”

For more information about XRM and its AI solutions, visit www.xrm.je

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