Posted Thursday 25th February 2016

C5 acquires Altius Consulting (CI) Limited to expand BI & Data services and begin export into UK market

C5 Alliance Limited (C5) has acquired Altius Consulting (CI) Limited (Altius), a Jersey based company providing business intelligence and data solutions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of C5, Altius will continue trading under the Altius brand. As specialists in providing business insights with particular focus on business intelligence (BI), management intelligence and data, Altius will join forces with C5 Professional Services and Managed Services teams to expand on their existing services.

C5 acquires Altius Consulting (CI) Limited to expand BI & Data services and begin export into UK market

Altius will continue to work in partnership with their UK group, which will enable C5 to export specialist skills in financial technology solutions into the UK market. It will also mean that for large Channel Island based projects that require extra support that there will be an extensive pool of resources from the UK to draw upon.

John Gamble of Altius Consulting (CI) Limited commented:

“The synergies between C5 and Altius are fantastic and will enable us to provide our existing clients with new services and skills. At the same time, our extensive UK network will value the unique financial technology solutions that an organisation like C5 can offer. This will allow us to create exciting new products and services for the local Channel Islands market and also further afield.”

Mark Loane, CEO of C5 added:

“We are very impressed with the phenomenal work that the Altius team has been doing in the BI space and we can’t wait to begin working with them. Like us they are client focused and passionate about the innovative use of technology. We believe this joining of forces will create positive new opportunities for our business, and our industry as a whole, as we begin to find ways to export some of our specialist digital skills outside of the Channel Islands.”