Posted Wednesday 20th May 2015

New Online Tool linking Jersey’s Community and the Tech Industry

Project Link is an online tool, a digital bulletin board where Digital Jersey’s Tech, Partner and Community members can post advertisements for volunteer roles and paid projects, as well as volunteer their own skills for upcoming projects. The tool has been designed as a direct response to the needs of members, by putting a structured and automated process in place to help deal with their enquiries and business needs.

New Online Tool linking Jersey’s Community and the Tech Industry

In addition to providing assistance to start-ups looking for talent and funding to start their projects, it will allow members to connect, collaborate and network more easily. Members are also able to submit entries if they are seeking funding for a particular project and students are able to submit entries if they are looking for internships in Jersey.

A key feature of Project Link is that it will be visible to members of the wider community who visit the Digital Jersey website, not just Digital Jersey members. The aim of Project Link is to encourage engagement within the digital community, support and nurture local talent, by providing a gateway into the industry and by offering the opportunity to gain experience and relevant skills.                                                      

Carla Harris, Director of Digital Jersey, commented:

“Digital Jersey’s Project Link, provides an online service helping to connect people, job opportunities through projects and helping facilitate the skill gaps within the industry.”

Matt Chatterley, Codentia Ltd, added:

“It's great to see Digital Jersey taking further steps to help facilitate greater interaction between the local digital and business communities by encouraging collaboration. Putting a system like Project Link in place is a good start, if it is well supported by both members and the team at Digital Jersey it may improve the potential for projects to remain on-island as well as creating new opportunities.”

Project Link can be found on the Digital Jersey Website