Posted Monday 5th August 2013

Showcasing Jersey as Digital

Here at Digital Jersey we want to showcase and promote the island as an innovative digital location and service exporter. In order to do this, we would like local businesses from across all industries, whether it be creative, technology or entrepreneurial, to provide us with a short case study on their company and products.

Showcasing Jersey as Digital

Using the material we receive, we will represent (on our refurbished, new website!) what Jersey has to offer, both locally and on a wider, global scale to the digital community.

If you are unsure on where to start, we have offered a few pointers to help you structure the layout of your case study (Approx. 500 words);

Section 1: An Interesting Story
 What we would like is a story about how you evolved. We really want to captivate our audience’s attention, so include information on the concept and creation of your product as well as the point of sale and remember be innovative! 

Section 2: Background 
You can also add a little information on the background of the company, i.e. the establishment and how it began. In this section you can also state, if relevant any upcoming business developments and opportunities. 

Section 3: Photos
 Please also attach between 1 and 4 copyrighted photos to illustrate the content and also include a link to a relevant video or the company website. 

Please be aware that Digital Jersey reserve the right to edit the content we are sent for the website.