5 Year Strategic Plan

This strategic framework sets out our vision for Jersey to adapt to and prosper from the technology revolution and to play its part in the new economy.

Our mission is to make Jersey a leading hub for International digital businesses to develop, test and grow by fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and international connectivity.

In this strategy, we set out a clear ambition to be a world-leading digital community. The 12 pillars of our framework reinforce one another along that path. Weakness in one area has a negative impact in another. This ultimately undermines progress through the stages of development. This vision seeks to unify and focus activity, building a stronger international brand and creating clarity of purpose.

The strategy is intentionally ambitious and comprehensive, boosted by recent increased investment in Digital Jersey to expand its scope and increase its influence on the Island’s digital transformation. While Digital Jersey does not directly deliver all 12 focus areas, it is incumbent upon the strategy and Digital Jersey to advocate, facilitate, and support all actors responsible for driving forward Jersey’s digital transformation.

Read the full 5 Year Strategic Plan below.

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