Data breaches are happening daily, privacy is out of control! After years of using the internet, we really don’t know who has our data.

Revoke’s services help you to regain control of your personal data. We want to help fix the broken internet by restoring privacy and balance to individuals.

You are very likely to have been in a data breach; 86% of Revoke users have been in a breach, with the average user being in five! We inform you of any breaches you’ve been in and help you reduce the risk that future breaches pose by managing your digital footprint.

Revoke provides you with the tools to:

  • Exercise your data protection rights by sending requests (DSAR’s) to companies to retrieve a copy of your personal data, delete your personal data or to stop all marketing communications.
  • Manage your digital footprint to reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud, and other financial loss after a data breach.
  • Pursue making a claim if you have been a victim of a data breach where you could be entitled to compensation.
  • Check your social media accounts to find out who you have knowingly and unknowingly granted access to your personal information and remove or edit their permissions.
  • Ensure that you are as safe as you can be with security checks and privacy and security recommendations.
  • Our Premium subscribers also benefit from identity theft insurance and a 24/7 cybersecurity helpdesk for any queries relating to online security.

Revoke also helps organisations respond efficiently to DSARs by providing ID verification and a secure communication channel with the data subject making the request.

  • Revoke works with leading ID verification companies Yoti and Onfido to verify data subjects’ identities so organisations can be sure who requests are coming from.
  • All communication between an organisation and data subject is encrypted so that only the recipient can view the data being sent, nobody at Revoke can decrypt the contents of a DSARs response.

Revoke also offers a portal for regulators that gives them a high-level view of activities in their jurisdiction by organisation category. This helps to determine if any particular sector could benefit from additional support if seem to be consistently struggling to respond within the legal timeframes.

Part of Revoke’s goal to educate people on their rights and how to exercise them includes informing them of when they would be entitled to make a complaint to the regulator. If a Revoke user chooses to make a complaint, then Revoke can facilitate this by providing all relevant information associated with the case.

Start regaining control of your personal data today!