Unlocking the Ad-Blocking Dilemma: B2 Analytics and B2 Stealth

Posted: 06/11/2023

Ad blockers are increasingly causing problems for website owners and publishers. In this article, Revoke share how B2 Analytics & B2 Stealth can help.

The use of ad blockers is on the rise with up to 37% of adults using some form of ad blocking. Ad blockers not only prevent ads from being rendered but also block the majority of third-party analytics from functioning. This prevents website owners and publishers from truly understanding and monetising their audience. In a world where ad blockers have become commonplace, it’s essential for website owners and publishers to adapt and thrive.


B2 Analytics

That is where B2 Analytics comes in, B2 Analytics is a free and powerful solution which accurately reports the number of visitors to your website using ad blockers. With just a single line of Javascript code added to your website, you will start to gather valuable data within 10 minutes. Measuring the size of your ad and tracker blocking problem is the first step in understanding its impact and minimising the effects on your analytics and advertising revenue.

B2 Analytics reports on the device type of your ad block users (mobile, desktop or tablet), their browser, geo-location information and number of ad placeholders on a page. B2 will also categorise the user’s ad block status into one of the 3 types of ad blockers. These are domain ad blockers, CSS ad blocks and combined CSS and domain ad blockers.

The level of detail provided empowers website owners and publishers to make informed decisions, optimizing strategies to understand user behaviour and monetize their audiences effectively.


B2 Stealth

For publishers who rely on ad revenue, it has never been more challenging to monetize their audience. If you are a publisher who displays ads on your website, ad blockers will be impacting your revenue.

This is where B2 Stealth can help. B2 Stealth helps publishers recover lost ad revenue by acting as a proxy between the user and the website. With B2 Stealth ads are displayed to users who have an adblocker, without compromising their privacy.

B2 Stealth enables analytics to be accurately recorded by bypassing the ad and content blockers which would have blocked them. This allows website owners to understand the full picture of their user’s behaviour without excluding ad-block users, the number of which is constantly growing.

B2 Stealth is undetectable to ad and analytics blockers. It is the latest solution from a team which has developed online products and services for over 20 years. Get started today to measure the size of the problem for you.

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