Pathways Global

You know the crazy statistics about business failures – 7 in 10 businesses fail within 10 years! Even worse the ones that survive, fail to live up to their full potential. Well, the Pathways team have built a solution to change the game and reverse the trend on these statistics.

Welcome to The Business Growth Pathway™.  The first digital platform to give you dynamic, data led growth insights for you and your business.

Get a unique top-down view of your business challenges and opportunities with our 360-question insights tool. Score your current performance against a series of business growth enablers and validate your assumptions; are you going backwards, flatlining, experiencing painfully slow growth or shooting for the stars? …Think of it as personality profiling for your business, your own personalised business blueprint!

Not only does your business blueprint tell you what stage you are at on your business growth journey it details the Priority Focus Areas (PFA’S) you need to action to accelerate your growth. Against each Priority Focus Area, the platform will match content and resources which will help you move your business forward, enabling you with the mindset, skillset and toolset to fast track your success. Over 240 resources and 140 hours of learning and growing by the day!

And since we all know knowledge alone isn’t power! Think of The Business Growth Pathway™ as your accountability mentor – holding you to account, sending you prompts and progress updates, celebrating momentum building action.

No more trial & error for you and your business!

You’re only one pathway away from building a resilient, agile business with the potential to thrive not just survive.

One pathway to More Life – More Freedom – More Choices. Take control of your business growth TODAY.