BDO Jersey supports Jersey Rowing Squad

Posted: 01/07/2024

BDO Jersey is proud to announce its support for a Jersey rowing squad.

BDO Jersey is proud to announce its support for a Jersey rowing squad, a diverse group of dedicated athletes who embody the spirit of community and perseverance. This partnership underscores BDO’s commitment to fostering local talent and contributing to the vibrant sports culture in Jersey.


Empowering Athletes Through Support
At BDO Jersey, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting local initiatives that promote teamwork, resilience, and personal growth. Our sponsorship has enabled the rowing squad to acquire essential equipment, providing instant feedback and facilitating continuous improvement. This support ensures that each training session is maximised, allowing the team to excel, despite their varied professional commitments and schedules.


A Diverse and Dedicated Squad
The squad comprises individuals from a wide array of professions, including a carpenter, university student, doctor, nurses, and finance workers. For many of them rowing was a new pursuit taken up as adults, reflecting their passion and commitment to the sport.


Meet the Team
Tim Rogers: Tim provides fitness coaching and will cox the quadruple scull boats in local races.
Ana Almeida: A BDO Jersey employee and former women’s captain of Birmingham Rowing Club, Ana brings enthusiasm and leadership to the team.
Marie-Julie Cnudde: A junior doctor and former King’s College Cambridge rower, Marie-Julie balances her medical career with rowing.
Becca Gerard-Pearse: An ICU nurse in her first full rowing season, Becca’s energy and dedication are inspiring.
Hannah Bonn: An A&E nurse and mother of two, Hannah is excelling in her first full rowing season.
Gary Briggs: A finance professional and British Rowing silver medallist who leads the squad, Gary also offers coaching and race experience.
Joshua Le Lere: A carpenter with exceptional local race results, Joshua is a product of the Jersey Rowing Club youth academy.
Adam Le Lere: A Cardiff University student and British Championships silver medalist, Adam’s dedication is exemplary.
Warren Muggleton: BBC Channel Islands sports journalist and former river rower, Warren maintains his training despite frequent travel.


Looking Ahead: Competing at the Highest Levels:
The squad aims to create a strong technical base and compete in prestigious events, such as the British Rowing Offshore Championships and the World Rowing Coastal Championships. These events offer invaluable experience, allowing the team to race against and learn from Olympic athletes, further enhancing their skills and dedication.

Our support for this Jersey rowing squad reflects BDO Jersey’s broader commitment to community engagement and development. We value and support each other, maintaining an inclusive working environment where teamwork and relationships matter. We are committed to helping people thrive, both within our organisation and in the communities we serve. We are proud to contribute to the success of these dedicated athletes and look forward to their continued achievements.

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