Building NextGen Leadership

Posted: 16/08/2022

Prosperity 24/7 took part in the Institute of Directors (IOD) Future Leaders Scheme with Business Studies student Jake Grist shadowing our Directors.

Prosperity 24/7 recently took part in the Institute of Directors (IOD) Future Leaders Scheme with Business Studies student Jake Grist shadowing our COO, Geraldine Evans and some of Prosperity’s other directors to get a real flavour of the business. This work experience scheme gives Year 12 students the opportunity to shadow directors and gain first hand insight into being a leader of an organisation.
The insights were invaluable to Jake, who thoroughly enjoyed his time with the business. “It was great to see the variety of work that goes on and processes that are involved in running a business. It has definitely given me some more ideas on how I want to go forward with my studies and eventually my career.”

Prosperity 24/7 prides itself on recruiting from the local community, offering first class development opportunities for young graduates as well as seasoned professionals. There is a big digital skills gap locally and Prosperity recognises the importance of nurturing local talent and supporting the development of future leaders to help drive disruption and innovation in the island’s core industries.

This year Prosperity has also offered work experience to students from the University College of Jersey HND in Computing and has created several new roles at a junior level.

Geraldine said, “This isn’t just about the tech industry, understanding and developing digital skills is critical to the next generation coming into the workplace regardless of their role. Improving digital knowledge is now fundamental to any career path. By offering students who come through our doors a hand up, we can help them to form decisions on the type of career they want, give them useful experience that they can add to their CVs and future proof our island by helping to add knowledge and expertise to the local talent pool.”

Prosperity 24/7 recognises that learning is also an ongoing part of life and doesn’t stop at encouraging students. All colleagues are actively encouraged to learn and develop their skills.

“Continuous personal development is essential in technology and training is available for all colleagues, across all areas of our business. Staying up to speed with the latest developments means that our colleagues can’t be purely focused on their client work, they also need to have time to free their minds for creativity and innovation. We understand that if we are to live up to our role of making lives easier through technology, then we need to provide a supportive and permissive environment where our colleagues can learn, grow, thrive and share that learned knowledge with others, so we can all prosper.”

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