C5’s Island Cloud gives local businesses a silver lining

Posted: 28/05/2019

It is essential for local businesses to take advantage of cloud technology and the Channel Islands is an ideal location for cloud infrastructure, clients and industry leaders heard at events held by C5 Alliance in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Rubrik, in Guernsey and Jersey.

Discussions focused on how Channel Island businesses can tackle digital transformation by using cloud technology. The event provided the business community the chance to ask questions and understand how certain cloud technologies can meet the requirements of any business. Experts also advised on the ‘right mix’ of cloud technologies, data management and protection.

C5 Alliance launched its new local cloud platform, Island Cloud, which has been designed to suit the needs of businesses in Guernsey and Jersey whether they require their data to reside within the islands, to meet data sovereignty requirements, or to take full advantage of what the public cloud can offer.

Steve Stanton, Senior Consultant at C5 Alliance, explained: “Guernsey and Jersey have great digital infrastructure and connectivity, with established culture of data protection, a prosperous economy and a digitally-focused government making them a fitting location for cloud infrastructure.

“Island Cloud is an enterprise ready, cost effective, multitenant solution, offering scalable resources that are seamless and easy to consume. With the ability to create a fluid hybrid cloud connection between on-premise infrastructure and hyper scale public cloud, Island Cloud provides the best-in-class cloud capabilities.

“Thanks to Rubrik, Island Cloud has instant availability for all applications on one platform. It can deliver fast backup performance, instant recovery, it is easy to use and offers cost savings. All applications and data ingested by Rubrik are stored and can’t be modified by an external or internal operation ensuring data is immune to malicious activity such as ransomware.”

“With real-time access to data and intelligent new ways of viewing, analysing and using information, the cloud has created powerful opportunities for businesses which many people thought would never be possible,” said Paul Kennedy, Hybrid Cloud Specialist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “The market has changed and offers a range of choice to businesses. We are happy to work with C5 to ensure we find the optimal strategy for our clients. There isn’t one solution that fits all or one way of working, we can help businesses find the right mix to suit their needs.”

Scott Workman, CEO at C5 Alliance, said: “The event was a perfect way for us to showcase our expertise and partnerships with HPE and Rubrik. Digital transformation is essential for Channel Island businesses and cloud technology is changing the way businesses operate. We are excited to have now launched our very own cloud platform, Island Cloud. It puts Guernsey and Jersey on the fast-track to evolve in this constantly changing digital world.”


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