Digital Jersey brings together IOT pioneers for ‘Island of Things’ event

Posted: 25/06/2018

The two-day event featured an impressive line-up of speakers including a combination of keynotes and lectures from industry leaders.

Chris Knight, Digital Jersey, Dr Clive Poole, UCL, Peter Shearman, Cisco, John Crawford, Rothamsted & Andy Stanford Clark, IBM.

Last week, in collaboration with University College London (UCL) and sponsored by JT, Digital Jersey brought together leading academics, entrepreneurs and business leaders for an exciting and informative event entitled Island of Things: an introduction to IoT.

The two-day event featured an impressive line-up of speakers including a combination of keynotes and lectures from industry leaders such as CISCO, IBM, JT Global, Rothamsted Research and UCL.

Head of Business Development at Digital Jersey Chris Knight said, The Internet of Things is a sector which is predicted to have enormous economic impact over the next few years, potentially generating revenues of up to £10 trillion per year by 2025.  Digital Jersey has prioritised IoT as a good strategic fit for the Island due to our fantastic telecommunications infrastructure, combination of urban, rural and coastal industries and ability to easily test applications in a whole country ‘Sandbox’ environment.”

Principal Teaching Fellow at UCL Dr Clive Poole said, “Through our recently established Institute of Communications and Connected Systems, UCL is at the forefront of research into the key communications technologies that underlie the Internet of Things and our department has been delivering education in telecoms and internet related subjects to industry for several decades. We are delighted to be partnering with Digital Jersey to help promote the emerging Tech sector in Jersey through events such as this. We believe Jersey has the potential to become a unique testbed for future communications technologies, architectures and systems and events like this are an important part of raising public awareness and drawing in interested parties from around the world”.

Along with an overall introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) the event was designed to showcase the opportunities available in the IoT space in Jersey and to prepare for the launch of the Digital Jersey Xchange (DJX) – Digital Jersey’s dedicated IoT lab and data platform, which will open in the Autumn.

DJX is a key component of Digital Jersey’s Sandbox Jersey initiative which promotes Jersey as an accessible, centre of excellence for businesses to research, develop, test, and launch digital products and services.

IoT businesses looking to use Jersey as a testbed will not only benefit from DJX, but also from the Island’s highly-developed network infrastructure, rapid connectivity, and access to award-winning Tier 1 mobile and infrastructure partners.

Commenting on the event Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey said, “This, the latest event from Digital Jersey, provided a great opportunity for interested individuals and companies to come together and learn from world leading experts and the latest developments in the IoT space. We believe that the Island of Jersey offers enormous opportunities in IoT and we’re delighted to be able to help foster new and innovative products and services and to provide interested parties with the tools to thrive in this growing sector.”

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