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Posted: 22/04/2021

We’ve launched a new TechTalk series as a value-added benefit for our members where we will support and promote your content via a virtual event, podcast, video interview or thought leadership blog.

Option 1: Virtual Event

  • A presentation or demo on topic of choice, with a live Q&A
  • We create a banner and the event on Eventbrite and handle attendees
  • We will promote the virtual event in our exclusive TechTalk enews to members
  • We will also promote on our website and social media too

Please see examples of our virtual event on:




We will record the event and add to YouTube and share as post promotion on social too

Please find our latest virtual event with Marbral Advisory, which was split into two chunks – presentation and Q&A

Option 2: Podcast 

  • We can invite 3 people to come in and record in our dedicated podcast suite, alongside our podcast host Gwyn Garfield Bennet
  • Post promotion in in our exclusive TechTalk enews, and on our website and across our social channels

Please see example of our education podcast here

Please see our Fintech podcast interview with Nick Ogden here

Please see our latest podcast with TSG and JSPCA here

Option 3: Thought Leadership Blog 

  • This can be a Q&A format or a specific piece of content that you’d like to promote
  • We will promote the blog on our website, in our enews and across social channels

Please see examples below:

Aaron Chatterley

Tony Moretta


Dave Birch

Option 4: MemberTalk Video Interview 

  • Our latest addition to TechTalk is MemberTalk, a member video interview – check out our first one with Keith Hale, CEO at TrustQuay here to learn more about him and the business.

If you’re a Digital Jersey Enterprise and or Small Business Member and you’re interested in any of these options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here and we can start to explore topic and channel.

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