Is your website a genuine Jersey domain?

Posted: 15/01/2019

Businesses in Jersey are being urged to show their pride in their island by using the .je domain for their websites.


Digital Jersey has been working with the wholesale provider of the island’s own web address register to dramatically reduce the cost of registering such addresses.

Changes to search engine algorithms, including Google, means people in Jersey will see websites ending in .je higher up in the results.

Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey, said: ‘ was the first website registered on a .je domain, and we now want to encourage as many other people and businesses to follow suit. We all take pride in Jersey’s heritage and symbols, including the Jersey flag. I now want us all to show that pride in a digital age, by using the .je domain.’

For businesses that operate globally, a .com address remains the most sensible option when it comes to appearing in search engine rankings, but for those whose focus is Jersey – such as shops, pubs and restaurants – using .je will give them a competitive edge.

Mr Moretta added: ‘A number of years ago it cost £80 to £90 to register a .je domain, but that’s now been reduced to free or a tiny admin fee for the first year, and then just £25 after that. There are a growing number of local web development companies who’ve slashed their own fees to join us in encouraging as many people as possible to take pride in Jersey’s own domain.’

Another advantage of the .je domain is the availability of shorter website names that may no longer be available as a .com.

You can find out more about .je domains, as well as guidance on local firms able to help register addresses and set up or transfer website here.

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