The My JE App now helps you control your energy use

Posted: 16/08/2022

Control energy use across multiple properties in one simple app

Jersey Electricity are committed to energy saving and regularly updating the My JE app, adding new features so you can see precisely where your energy consumption goes and consider changes to save money.

The latest My JE feature enables multiple property owners to view consumption in one place easily.

You can simply switch between addresses to view energy use, recent bills, and payments.

The multi-premise feature makes it easy to take control of energy usage, whether you live in a two-generation property or are a landlord managing multiple properties. It will help you and your tenants to live more sustainably and to save money.

The My JE app also helps you to detect any issues or faults within properties as the data highlights anomalies, going as far as indicating which appliance might be consuming the most energy – for example, the heating system or an appliance – so it can be fixed to save energy.

My JE’s ‘target’ feature also helps you to manage and set budgets, an important feature as we’re mindful of the rising cost of living. Notifications can update you daily on energy usage targets across all your properties.

If you’re not yet a My JE user, simply download it free from the App Store or Play Store by searching My JE and registering.

If you’re a multi-premise customer and you can’t see the feature or want to find out more, please get in touch with their Customer Care team on 505460 or email [email protected] today.

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