Jersey’s first NFT Art Exhibition

Posted: 22/10/2021

Since Christie’s, a leading auction house worldwide, sold its first NFT at a shocking US$69 million in March 2021, the art market has become keenly aware of the opportunities that NFTs present both for artists and for investors.

An NFT is a blockchain-based technology able to provide a certificate of ownership on digital assets, thus enabling the conversion of any web content into an investment asset.

2 LIVES will be Jersey’s first art exhibition aiming to connect art and finance, through the introduction of NFTs.The exhibition will feature both physical and digital artworks, and will educate artists and their collectors about the potential to use digital marketplaces to sell and buy digital art.

The exhibition will have a unique selling process, where collectors buy the art with cryptocurrency and receive real-life exclusive experiences with the artists, such as workshops and private meetings. Purchasers will receive both the physical artwork and the NFT when they complete their purchase.

2 LIVES is a homage to the island of Jersey. It allows creators living and shaping their careers in Jersey to meld their passion for art with an emerging art form in the world of finance. By giving them an exhibition, 2 LIVES can achieve the goal of sharing and educating about art exhibitions in the metaverse, and the opportunities they present for artists, collectors and businesses.

2 LIVES will be both a physical and a virtual exhibition: for which an entire virtual world will be built. This Metaverse will be accessible with Virtual Reality glasses, through which anyone can experience the future of digital art exhibitions and communities. There is hope that these communities of the future, based in the metaverse, will celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion, and will ensure that everyone is equal regardless of class, race, gender and age. If that can be achieved in the metaverse, hopefully this can set an example  for ways of improving our communities in the physical world.  The concept of ‘community’ is the theme that students at Hautlieu School have studied in a series of lessons led by 2 LIVES creators. After learning about NFTs, the students have created artworks that will also be included in the exhibition.

2 LIVES has arisen after the two creators discovered  that they could harness their respective passions in finance and art by using NFTs. Whilst living together and shaping their careers in Jersey at the beginning of their 20s, they translated this into an art exhibition, with the goal of sharing and educating others about NFTs and the opportunities they present. They hope this exhibition will provide an everlasting blueprint in Jersey for how you can combine finance and culture, while utilising the blockchain to create sustainable projects, services and experiences in the future.

The exhibition is planned in fall 2021, and we are now fundraising in order to cover the costs of putting on the exhibition.  We are seeking funding from corporate clients or private individuals who share our vision of delivering growth to Jersey’s technology, finance and culture sectors.

Please find more info about 2 LIVES on our website.

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