Member Spotlight: Slingshot Films

Posted: 24/05/2023

Meet Slingshot, a small team with big ideas that exceed expectations!

Slingshot Films is a contemporary production house, who specialise in creating powerful and moving film, commercial and documentary content. We spoke to Jenna Buesnel, Production Manager at Slingshot who shares her insights in all areas of film and video.

Tell us a little bit about Slingshot

At Slingshot Films, we produce content with a purpose. We work closely with our clients to really understand their needs and bring brand visions to life.

We are a collaborative group of cinematographers, motion artists and designers, editors, writers and all round video enthusiasts.

How long have you been a member of DJ?

We have been a member for a few years now but we have been collaborating with Digital Jersey to provide the majority of their video content for nearly a decade. 

Highlight of the business so far?

A particular highlight for us at Slingshot has been the opportunity to collaborate with some great brands. It’s fantastic to be recognised by companies offshore also as one of the leaders in our field in Jersey.

How would you describe Slingshot’s workplace culture? 

At Slingshot we really care about what we do and, as such, we have an incredibly collaborative team. We like to always see the positives and make each shoot enjoyable for all involved. It’s a privilege and often a lot of fun to do what we do and we never forget that.

What is Slingshot’s superpower?

We all consider ourselves multi-skilled and dip into a bit of everything however, we each have our particular areas of interest within the production process. Our superpower is our inquisitiveness and desire to try new things. We are always doing at the newest updates in technology, equipment and techniques in the industry.

If you could film with anyone/any business, who would it be and why?

Anything outdoors and high energy. We love working with the elements, getting those moments of magical and natural light. It’s hard to pick a brand or business because we work with such a variety of amazing clients that keep us on our toes.

Where in jersey is your favourite location to film?

It’s hard to pick one favourite location as we are so spoilt in Jersey. We always love to get out in nature as much as we can and, if we had to pick, high tide Plémont at sunset is hard to beat.

Is there anything exciting or cool you are working on at the moment

There is but as always we have to keep most of our projects quiet until they are released!

What types of video & social trends do you think we will see this year?

The developments in technology have been huge in the last few years and the virtual reality space is really exciting. I’m sure we will see some incredible development in this and, like everything, this will no doubt find its way into current social trends.

What’s your favourite tech gadget right now?

We’ve recently got a couple of new cameras that are just ridiculous. Sony FX6 is a game-changer when it comes to filming and were delighted to welcome a few to the kit room.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in working in video production?

We would say to find your niche. Video production covers a lot of areas from camera operation to editing, producing, colour grading and so much more. Once you know the role just get started, research and take every opportunity you can. There’s always so much to learn but having a good understanding of visual language is key.

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