My JE app update now supports 4,000 PAYG customers

Posted: 27/10/2022

Further investment in the My JE app support PAYG electricity users to save energy and money during challenging times

As living costs rise, with increases in food, petrol and fuel bills, Jersey Electricity’s Pay As You Go 4,000 customers can now use the My JE app to manage their energy usage and save money on electricity bills following further investment in JE’s award winning app.

Jersey Electricity Customer Care Manager Kate Gosson acknowledged that now is an important time to find new ways to save. She commented, ‘Jersey Electricity appreciates that Islanders are living in economically challenging times with a cost-of-living crisis and significant volatility in European energy markets. Customer feedback has identified that any tool that can manage and predict bills and consumption will help to bring more certainty, control, and comfort – and help lower bills.

‘We are pleased to have developed the My JE technology to support Pay As You Go customers, some of whom can be among the more vulnerable in society. They can now also benefit from the same detailed usage of their electricity which means they can conserve energy where possible and manage their top-ups better.’

Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Deputy Hilary Jeune, added: ‘I am pleased to see Jersey Electricity open up this app to more Islanders, allowing them to better manage their energy usage, lowering their top-up bills and hopefully encouraging more sustainable living. We live in challenging times, which are felt the hardest by the most vulnerable in our society. By utilising this technology, Jersey Electricity is empowering its customers to take more control of their energy consumption, a much-needed approach.’

My JE was designed to empower islanders to manage energy use more effectively by viewing daily consumption in both cost and units (kilowatt hours), tracking usage patterns, and comparing behaviours to previous periods and other households. Tools in the app also enable users to set energy targets and receive notifications when they risk surpassing them. In addition to Pay As You Go, recent features in the app’s ongoing development include forecasting future electricity and appliance-specific usage and allowing owners of multiple premises to view all their properties’ energy consumption – all from their mobile handsets.

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