Phundex announce partnership with Kompany

Posted: 24/08/2021

Phundex is delighted to share with you the news of our partnership with kompany, a global network providing real-time access to primary source Business KYC (KYB) data from more that 200 jurisdictions covering over 115 million companies.

At Phundex, we want to make things streamlined and simple, so we have selected kompany to provide basic company information onto the Phundex platform as you request it.  While not providing full AML/KYC capability, it will allow you to gather identifier information for companies and clients on the platform.

Kompany is a leading RegTech platform for global business verification and KYB and we are pleased to have partnered with them.  The api connectivity is seamless and will be included as a standard feature when we launch Phundex in September.

This partnership marks one of the first steps Phundex has taken to enable direct access to information on its platform from specialist partners. The Phundex platform enables users to pull basic company information directly into their transaction and process data fields at any time during a transaction process. This eliminates the need to retrieve external data manually, excludes static database information, and reduces operational risk. Kompany provides a comprehensive set of data, and Phundex is delighted to refer clients to kompany should they require any additional information not already provided via the Phundex platform.

Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO of Phundex, says, “With the connection of the Phundex platform to the data sources from kompany, we are closing an important gap in the handling of company information. By accessing the registers of other countries, we can streamline gathering company information and reduce operational risk associated with manual data entry.”

The partnership between Phundex and kompany provides users of the Phundex platform access to company information from commercial registers worldwide. Through instant access to this primary source information, acquiring company information is greatly enhanced by including official information on over 115 million companies across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions.

Russell E. Perry, CEO and Co-Founder of kompany: “With increasing compliance and AML requirements, the veracity and source of company data have become a central point in combating money laundering and fulfilling AMLA obligations. We are, therefore, proud to provide Phundex clients with our unparalleled access to real-time audit-proof company information, ensuring access to company information across multiple jurisdictions and helping their clients achieve improved business efficiency.”

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