JTC Group Partners with Anova to Strengthen its People-First Culture

Posted: 27/06/2024

JTC Group, the publicly listed, global professional services business, has selected award-winning company Anova to enhance its employee experience worldwide.

JTC Group, the publicly listed, global professional services business, has selected award-winning company Anova to enhance its employee experience worldwide.

Anova, an employee voice platform and wellbeing consultancy service, partners with businesses to create healthy environments where employees and businesses thrive. Following JTC’s adoption of the Anova platform, they achieved an 89% response rate in their annual global employee survey, an increase of 29 percentage points over the prior year. JTC have been using Anova data and insights to drive positive change based on accurate and authentic employee feedback, strengthening their people-first approach to business activities.

The substantial growth and success of JTC in recent years has led to significant increases in the number of employees, jurisdictions, services, and clients. Additionally, as a listed company, JTC is subject to comprehensive public reporting requirements, including employee engagement and wellbeing statistics. These were key drivers in the decision to find a solution to capture employee feedback anonymously and globally. Anova was selected as the trusted partner to enable JTC to undertake its annual employee survey, generate reporting and disclosures and, importantly, act on any areas for improvement.

Anova clients have a choice of ready-to-use benchmarkable surveys or surveys tailored and configured to their organisation. The intuitive platform gathers anonymous and confidential employee feedback, analyses the data instantaneously, delivers real-time results through an online reporting dashboard and provides actionable and integrated advice to managers. Users can compare historic data to track progress, explore data sets by demographic factors such as team or location, and are also able to access in-person support from Anova’s wellbeing experts.

Through Anova’s digital surveys, pulse checks and wellbeing interventions, businesses can improve retention, engagement, productivity, and resilience, adding value to their employer brand by evidencing that they put people-first.

Wendy Holley, Group COO, JTC, says:
“As a high growth company with shared ownership for all employees at the heart of our culture, the partnership with Anova has helped us to connect with our ever-growing global team in a simple, modern and scalable way.

We know that focusing on the employee experience is key to our ongoing and long-term success. Anova’s comprehensive surveys and exceptional customer support allow us to enhance our workplace environment and ensure our teams feel heard and valued. The high survey response rate highlights the trust that our people have in the Anova platform, which is essential to us gathering statistically relevant data that we can act upon.”

Jenny Winspear, COO, Anova, says:
“JTC have been a fantastic client to work with due to their already embedded people-first culture. Anova helps companies build healthier, happier teams and create a desirable culture for employee attraction and retention.

By using Anova, JTC is fostering an even more inclusive and sustainable workplace environment by prioritising employee input. Our Anova platform has assisted in giving JTC managers real-time feedback on their teams and enabling them to address any areas for development while celebrating successes across all locations. We are providing them with the metrics that matter and supporting their commitment to a people-first approach.”

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