Prosperity 24/7 support Durrell, delivering a sustainable IT ecosystem

Posted: 13/01/2022

For the global conservation teams at Durrell, data doesn’t just represent knowledge. It can mean the difference between life and death, survival or extinction.

Prosperity 24/7 were delighted to be selected to work closely with Durrell to implement systems that would connect their international teams in remote locations, securely capture, store and share critical data and enable quick and efficient monitoring and reporting. Because nothing’s as precious as time for the world’s endangered species and habitats.

Lesley Dickie, CEO of Durrell on the situation that Durrell face:

“In nature, the currency isn’t money. It’s life and it’s disappearing – at a catastrophic rate. Nature relies on us to give it a voice. For us at Durrell data isn’t just knowledge, it’s the difference between life and death. Survival or extinction. Prosperity 24/7 worked with us to introduce technology that would connect us all. That would work in some of the remotest places on the planet.

  • Apps that collect data, even if there’s no connection.
  • Secure cloud storage, accessible anywhere.
  • Dynamic dashboards to monitor, report, educate and protect.

Because ultimately, the faster we can capture and share information, the faster we can take action. At Durrell, our resources are precious, but nothing’s as precious as time for the world’s endangered species and habitats. Thanks to Prosperity 24/7, we have a sustainable ecosystem of technology that will adapt, evolve, educate and empower with the speed and effectiveness to save lives. At Durrell, our mission is to save species from extinction. We only have one chance to get it right. We live to find better ways of protecting our planet and the wildlife we share it with, because our vision is for a wilder, healthier, more colourful world. For all of us”.

Geraldine Evans – Chief Learning and Engagement Officer, Prosperity 24/7

“As part of our commitment to our community and society as a whole, our colleagues wanted to go the extra mile to ensure that the investment that Durrell were making in their digital transformation provided not only an accessible ecosystem of technology, but most importantly, positively impacted their sustainable skills to empower every colleague in every part of the world where Durrell are located, to derive rich insights, immediately, no matter where they were undertaking critical activities.

Our colleagues undertook a comprehensive review of the technology estate and planned a migration of critical services to Office 365 to ensure both accessibility and security of incredible data assets. Delivering a comprehensive programme of learning and engagement across the enterprise has empowered colleagues across Durrell to reap the benefits of a sustainable ecosystem of technology that will adapt, evolve, educate and empower, to ensure that Durrell can save species from extinction, effectively”.

Chris Clark, CEO of Prosperity 24/7 added “Our team are incredibly proud of the critical relationship that we have nurtured with the global teams in Durrell, so much so, we are going the extra mile in two ways, to raise critical funds as part of the Rewild our World project that Durrell are running.

Firstly, Durrell are one of the beneficiaries of this year’s Prosperity Day community event, where all funds raised will be split equally between Durrell and the RNLI Jersey.

Secondly, and quite amazingly, our colleague Peter Wright is rowing the Atlantic to raise awareness of the ReWilding campaign, globally – you can find out more here: Rowing to ReWild our World”

If you have challenges sharing common platforms across a globally distributed workforce, discover more about how Prosperity 24/7 can inspire and support sustainable digital transformation for your business – more here.

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