Prosperity training team ‘take it to church’

Posted: 17/05/2019

Prosperity 24/7 ‘took it to church’ last week to deliver a TEDx-style presentation and help their clients envisage a new way of working using Office 365.
Fairway Group and Bracken Rothwell have put their faith in the software which will be implemented into their organisation later this year using their new Microsoft Azure platform.

The presentation at the Freedom Church led by Chief Learning Officer Geraldine Evans and Senior Consultant Jason Wyatt was the first engagement in a range of adoption initiatives and included a mix of meaningful short videos and interactive live demonstrations using collaborative Office 365 functionality.
The team also created a real-time client survey using Microsoft Forms completed by the audience on their mobiles and gathered questions and feedback during the session using
Prosperity 24/7 use a mix of bespoke messaging paired with the tried and tested Microsoft Fast Track Adoption framework to help drive the right message about adoption.

Commenting on the session, Fairway Group and Bracken Rothwell HR Director, Matt Ebbrell, said, “The presentation couldn’t have gone any better. The training team were excellent, both in terms of technical knowledge and communicating the message about our digital future. We have successfully engaged the troops and now it is all about delivery. It was a great session which really reinforced the decision about engaging Prosperity 24/7 as our technology partner of choice.”
“It was great to work with such a receptive and willing team when it comes to delivering such fundamental organisational change”, explained Geraldine.

“Having Louise Bracken-Smith (CEO Fairway Group and Bracken Rothwell) opening and closing the presentation is the absolute best outcome. Change driven by Leaders is by far the most meaningful and successful. We’re looking forward to working with her and the team over the coming months to deliver new ways of working for Fairway Group and Bracken Rothwell.”
To find out more about Office 365 and how to introduce new and exciting ways of collaborating whilst working, get in touch with the team at Prosperity 24/7.

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