What does a week as a Virtual Assistant look like?

Posted: 15/11/2022

As a Virtual Assistant, every week and every day is different, my tasks are varied and there is a lot of work to be getting on with.

As a Virtual Assistant, every week and every day is different. As an Executive Administrator my tasks are varied and as our team grows and we develop new projects, there is a lot of work to be getting on with.

This last week had been a mixture of internal Virteffic work and external client work. Let me tell you what my week has looked like this week.

Board packs

We are not just a minute writing service, we can also assist with organising tasks before, during and after meetings. I have been busy with collating and organising documents, creating agenda’s and chair’s notes for board packs this week. Once the board packs were approved, I then circulated them to the Directors, filed and uploaded them to their appropriate folders.

Minutes for signing

Following the meetings, minutes had been approved and I arranged for them to be signed by the Directors. If any amendments were required to the minutes, I collated the comments, amended the minutes before being signed following board approval with minor adjustments.

Invoices and billing

I created invoices for our clients, some are fixed fee clients and others are flexible, meaning they pay monthly for hours we have worked. These invoices are sent with timesheets and clients can see what work we have provided within the month. Following this, I updated QuickBooks to log what invoices were due.


You may have seen we were advertising for a Junior Administrator and Minute Writer. I was responsible for contacting candidates, bookings interviews and meeting rooms. I also attended a number of interviews and ensured the team were kept up to date with the statuses. We were overwhelmed with responses and it’s exciting to see Virteffic grow.


Administrative tasks are part of my role, I covered calendar, room and spreadsheet management, this ensures the team knows when internal and external meetings are held, and our internal schedules are kept up to date with tasks. I provided a number of reports from team schedules to social media analytics.

I assisted the team with adding their blogs and articles onto our website and social media platforms, as well as circulating them to other media channels.


Every month we complete cybersecurity training, being Cyber Essentials Certified, it is imperative we keep our training up to date and are extra vigilant in relation to potential threats. Working with our clients, security and confidentiality are vital for our business.

Photo Day

I organised the photographer and provided an outline of the photos and the feel we were looking for. Paul Watson is lovely to work with and super quick, we already have our photos back! These days are important to ensure we keep our website and social media platforms up to date with our team but also to provide something different each season. These days are also great as a ‘team social’. As we work virtually and meet within working meetings, having sociable time is enjoyable to get to the know the team on a more personal level.

Working at Virteffic has allowed me the flexibility that I have never had in another role, I am provided deadlines to complete my work and when I do this is up to me. I feel valued as a team member and trusted with the tasks that I am provided.

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Siobhan Poingdestre, Virtual Assistant

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