Digital Design Challenge

In the 2020 Digital Design Challenge we invited the people of Jersey to share their reflections on digital culture with a piece of original design work.

A look back at our 2020 Digital Design Challenge

The inspiration for the 2020 Challenge came from recognising the powerful influence of digital design on the intended and unintended outcomes of tech projects, and the way technology is perceived by different people at different times.

This challenge sought to involve everybody, whether or not they work in technology. The format was open to encourage as many people as possible to participate with over 20 very competitive challenge submissions.

Our virtual event was hosted by the very talented Gary Burgess and saw all shortlisted entries present their project to our panel of judges. The judges for this event were Tom Dingle, Director of the Jersey Arts Trust; Nicole Maltwood, Ecosystems Manager at Barclays Eagle Labs; Noel Mallet, UX Design Consultant at C5 Alliance; and Arthur Mainja, Senior Manager at KPMG Channel Islands.

Prizes were awarded to inspiring entries that really made us and our expert panel think hard about unquestioned assumptions, or which remind us of the auto-magic possibilities of digital design. All entries were exhibited digitally and physically throughout TechWeek in the Digital Jersey Hubs.

Digital Design Winners
2020 Sponsors
Digital Design Categories

Digital Design Challenge 2020 Winners

With a competitive number of submissions from over 20 teams within the Channel Islands – our judges had an exceptional task picking the winners for the Digital Design Challenge. Below we’ve highlighted the first and second prize winners in each category as well as the winners of our two special categories, Generation Z and Best of Jersey. 1st prize winners took home £1,500 per project, 2nd prize winners took home £200 per project and the winners of the special categories took home £450 per project.

Visualising Data

1st Place Winner: Birdsong by David Adams

2nd Place Winner: Alien Gate by Matthew Crick

Sensing and responding to the world

1st Place Winner: Seascape by Emma Nielsen and Nathan Pitch

2nd Place Winner: Augmented Reality by Richard Urban

Digital and tech culture

1st Place Winner: Code Map by Gatis Valters

2nd Place Winner: Digital Retro by Jacqueline Woodcock

Best of Jersey

A special award for an inspiring entry which prominently features Jersey.

Project Destiny by Rebecca Hardy-Bishop and Dasa Wharton

Generation Z

A special award for an inspiring entry by someone under 16 (or average group age is less than 16).

Illuminate by Sebastian Lawson


A very special thank you to our event sponsors KPMG

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Digital Design Categories

The following categories have been developed by Digital Jersey as part of the Digital Design challenge.


Visualising Data

In this category we welcome any creative representations of information and data. The only limit is you and the way you choose to translate data into a sensory context to make data easier to understand. Non-exhaustive examples of entries for this category are:

[whalesong] created by sound artist and technologist XVelastín

A View on Despair by Sonja Kuijpers at Studio Terp

Off the Staff – a musical data visualisation by Nicholas Rougeux


Sensing and responding to the world

By using various data sources from sensors or technologic items and turning them into creative and interactive designs, data designers can transform our urban spaces and countryside. The examples below can be source of inspiration for this category:

EVERY THING EVERY TIME – Naho Matsuda for Future Everything

The Burble by Umbrellium

A Forest Where Gods Live by teamLab

MoodyRoom by Uby

Rain Brella by Matt Chatterley and Dan Burridge


Digital and tech culture

In this category we welcome any pieces of art which are using digital tools, or which are not necessarily using any technology but rather showcasing how digital and tech trends influence our society and culture. The designs could be done via physical or digital paintings, sculptures or any other more forms such as the examples highlighted below:

Jen Stark Art – Animated Walls/Paintings

Laurence De Valmy – digital society in Painting

Shortlisted Entries