Technology to power the future of customer communications

Posted: 27/02/2023

Jersey Electricity (JE) and JT are two Channel Island businesses, serving the community, with customer service at the heart of their operations.

Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations goes beyond providing them with an affordable and reliable electricity supply. JE is committed to putting customers at the centre of the energy system, gaining insights into their needs and helping them to manage and save energy.

Technology is core to achieving this goal.

JE engaged JT and BrightCloud Group to create a bespoke solution that would improve customers’ experience when contacting JE, whilst also helping the Customer Care team to solve customer queries first time.

The cloud-based WebEx customer contact platform, which went live in November 2022, has created many benefits for JE’s frontline Customer Care team and customers.

The partnership between JE, JT and BrightCloud Group, one of the UK’s leading Cisco Webex Contact Centre specialists, was instrumental to the success of this project. Together, the teams designed and built a new platform that provides a secure and seamless customer experience and greatly improves the service JE’s Customer Care Advisors provide.

The digital transformation programme has provided customers with a significantly more interactive experience, offering detailed messaging and a sophisticated queuing system.

When a call is received, the customer numbers, where known, are automatically recognised and the customer details displayed. If the number is unknown, a CRM contact is created to identify the customer next time. After each engagement, a quick phone log form appears for the team to capture the specifics of the call, meaning Customer Care Advisors have access to the customer’s history next time they call and can help more efficiently.

The solution also brings users the flexibility and agility of the Cloud with in-built security and scalability.

JE’s Head of Customer Experience Kate Gosson said, ‘All customer engagement now happens within CRM, a single interface that captures all communications with customers. With the new Webex platform, the team has access to rich insights to support management reporting, which enables us to better understand and improve customer journeys. We now have a Webex Wallboard, developed by BrightCloud Group, displayed prominently in the Customer Care Centre where we can view real time analytics and the call queue, which is a valuable visual tool.’

Katie Corbett, Chief Commercial Officer at JT added, ‘Contact Centre Cloud migration is often considered to be a complicated process, but it doesn’t need to be. It requires communication with different departments, careful handling of data and special attention to customer needs. From the beginning we all worked together to design and build a new platform that not only provides a seamless customer experience for JE customers, but it’s also allowed the team to better manage, protect and maintain information – receiving real-time customer data, which is invaluable.’

Richard Hall, Chief Technical Officer at BrightCloud Group, said, ‘Using innovative technology and contact centre specific expertise, the three parties worked closely together to deliver an integrated solution for a more personalised customer service, deploying critical emergency lines and empowering JE employees to deliver the optimum customer experience.’

The collaboration between JE, JT and BrightCloud Group has created an innovation technology solution that was built with customer experience at the forefront.

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